Mission Stories

The Missionary Oblate Partnership is excited to announce the the March launch of the “new MPS.” MPS is considered an important part of the Oblate charism of being “close to the people”. At the most basic level, MPS “teaches people to fish” by providing Catholic missionaries specific funder information, research resources and practicum experience in the areas of grant writing and communications. MORE»

Partners News

The Missionary Oblate Partnership Endowment, thanks to a $1 million gift from a fellow Partner, now has over $1,250,000 in funds that are set aside to aid the US Province of Oblates in making supporting grants to their brother Oblates around the world. Each year the Oblates of the US receive several requests from OMI communities around the world, asking support for needs that range from basic human development projects (clean water, medicines) to schools and seminary training for Oblate vocations. MORE»


“We became members of the Oblate Partnership in early 2000…and are certainly happy we did. Our lives have been touched by the Oblates, and the grace of partnering with the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate is a powerful influence in our lives.” John and Gee Whitehurst MORE»
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